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Conchbooks Books for sale Established in 1986, we specialize in books - new as well as old - on recent and fossil Mollusca and other marine invertebrates. Approximately three times a year we distribute free catalogues to our customers, dealing with papers and books on molluscs and brachiopods. Our online-shop has a huge stock of 11,246 titles on Mollusca.

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Zoologia Neocaledonica 8. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia
86.00 €
Zoologia Neocaledonica 7. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia
76.00 €
Süßwassermollusken. Ein Bestimmungsschlüssel für die Muscheln und Schnecken im Süßwasser der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [14. Auflage]
12.00 €
Biodiversity census of Lake St Lucia, iSimangaliso Wetland Park (South Africa): Gastropod molluscs
12.40 €
A new genus and species of Thyasiridae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) from deep-water, Beaufort Sea, northern Alaska
5.00 €
New species of Rissoidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Archipelago of the Azores (northeast Atlantic) with an updated reginal checklist for the family
5.90 €
Compendium of Bivalves 2. A Full-Color Guide to the Remaining Seven Families. A Systematic Listing of 8'500 Bivalve Species and 10'500 Synonyms
180.00 €
Een zee van Mosselen. Handboek ecologie, bescherming, beleid en beheer van mosselbanken in de Waddenzee
12.00 €
Bestiarium - Zeugnisse ausgestorbener Tierarten
39.90 €
Cone Shells of the Okeechobean Sea Pliocene, Pleistocene
120.00 €
Sea and Land Shells of the Don Pisor Collection - Color, Form, Shape
160.00 €
Land Snails of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Southern Appalachians
68.00 €
Snailing round the South Seas. The Partula Story
18.00 €
Freshwater Molluscs of Venezuela and their Medical and Veterinary Importance
78.00 €
The Living Species in China�s Seas [2 Volumes, in Chinese with Latin names]
168.00 €
The Superclass Hydrozoa of the Phylum Cnidaria in China [2 Volumes, in Chinese with Latin names]
134.00 €
Müller/Bährmann: Bestimmung wirbelloser Tiere. Bildtafeln für zoologische Bestimmungsübungen und Exkursionen [7. überarbeitete Aufl.]
39.99 €
The family Tornidae in the tropical Southwest Pacific: the genus Anticlimax Pilsbry & McGinty, 1946 (Gastropoda, Truncatelloidea) with the description of 42 new species
24.00 €
Molluscan Communities of the Florida Keys and Adjacent Areas. Their Ecology and Biodiversity
104.00 €
King Crabs of the World. Biology and Fisheries Management
134.00 €
Annotated Type Catalogue of the Bulimulidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) in the Natural History Museum, London
76.00 €
An annotated catalogue of type specimens of the land snail genus Cyclophorus Montfort, 1810 (Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoridae) in the Natural History Museum, London
16.80 €
Revision of Helix Linnaeus, 1758 in its eastern Mediterranean distribution area, and reassignment of Helix godetiana Kobelt, 1878 to Maltzanella Hesse, 1917 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Helicidae)
54.00 €
Freshwater Mussels of Florida
56.00 €
Die Vielfalt der Landschnecken in der Val Müstair
36.90 €
Suomen kotilot ja etanat - Identification book of terrestrial molluscs in Finland [in Finnish]
58.00 €
Living Muricidae of the World - Muricinae - Murex, Promurex, Haustellum, Bolinus, Vokesimurex and Siratus
78.00 €
Atlante delle Conchiglie marine del Mediterraneo - Atlas of the Mediterranean Seashells, Vol. 5 (Heterobranchia)
80.00 €
Protected Marine Animals of India
196.00 €
Accrescimenti - Stadi di accrescimento dei Molluschi marini del Mediterraneo - Stages of growth of marine molluscs of the Mediterranean Sea, Vol. VI
65.00 €
Malacofauna Pliocenica Toscana, Vol. 10: Bivalvia, Pteriomorphia Beurlen, 1894
72.00 €
From Whale Hunting to Whale Watching / Von der Waljagd zur Walbeobachtung / Desde a Caca da Baleia até à sua Observacao
39.80 €
Heteromorph. The Rarest Fossil Ammonites. Nature at its most bizarre
48.00 €
Familia Terebridae Mörch, 1852. The rare or uncommon Terebras of Palawan (Contribution to the knowledge of the Philippines Seashells)
70.00 €
Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Triviidae) Allied Cowries - Contribution to the knowledge of Triviidae
46.00 €
Conus of the Southeastern United States and Caribbean
74.00 €
Monograph of the Genus Pustularia (Gastropoda: Cypraeidae)
48.00 €
Hunters and Healers. The Secret Life of Sea Snails / Wunderschön aber giftig. Das geheimnisvolle Leben der Meeresschnecken
24.99 €
Guía Variabilidad intraespecífica de las conchas del género Iberus Montfort, 1810 del sur de la Península Ibérica
29.00 €
Biological Research on the Large Jellyfish from Bohai Sea and Northern Yellow Sea [in Chinese with Latin names]
56.00 €
Land Crabs of Hengchun Peninsula [in Chinese]
28.00 €
Research Materials of Crustacea in China
68.00 €
Slugs of Britain and Ireland. Identification, Understanding and Control
19.80 €
Stratotype Aquitanien
35.90 €
Die Landschnecken Deutschlands
18.64 €
African Landshells. Atlas 3.350 colour photos
100.00 €
1000 Shells - Exceptionals from the Philippines
98.00 €
Molluscs of the Czech and Slovak Republics [fully bilingual with parallel Czech and English versions]
60.00 €

Popular BooksView All

Australian marine shells. Prosobranch Gastropods. Vol. II

Wilson, B.

370 pp. incl. 55 col. pls, hardcover 4

45.00 €

Australian Marine Shells. Prosobranch Gastropods. Vol. I

Wilson, B.

408 pp. incl. 44 col. pls, hardcover 4

45.00 €

Illustrated Catalog of the Living Cone Shells

Tucker, J. K. & Tenorio, M. J.

517 pp., all species fully illustrated in high resolution color photographs, hardcover 4

160.00 €

Compendium of Bivalves. A Full-Color Guide to 3'300 of the World's Marine Bivalves. A Status on Bivalvia after 250 Years of Research

Huber, M.

904 pp., full col. ill, CD-ROM, hc 4

160.00 €

The living Ovulidae. A manual of the families of allied cowries: Ovulidae, Pediculariidae and Eocypraeidae

Lorenz, F. & Fehse, D.

651 pp., 203+66 col. pls, hc 4

120.00 €

Shells of the Hawaiian Islands: The Land Shells. The endemic land and freshwater species and their described variants

Severns, M.

459 pp., 186 pls, 3117 figs, 363 maps, hc 4

98.00 €

Shells of the Hawaiian Islands: The Sea Shells. The verifiable species and their described variants

Severns, M.

562 pp., 225 col. pls, 2828 figs, hc 4

128.00 €

Fossil and Recent Muricidae of the World - Part Muricinae

Merle, D., Garrigues, B. & Pointier, J.-P.

652 pp., 81 col. figs, 182 col. pls, hc 4

120.00 €

Philippine Marine Mollusks, Vol. IV: Bivalvia 2, Scaphopoda, Polyplacophora, Cephalopoda [in total 80 families], Addenda 281 spp.

Poppe, G. T. [In Coop. With 12 Co-Authors]

676 pp., 36 col. figs, 301 col. pls, hc 4

90.00 €

Philippine Marine Mollusks, Vol. III

Poppe, G. [In Coop. With 9 Co-Authors]

665 pp., 307 col. pls, hc 4

90.00 €

Philippine Marine Mollusks Vol. II

Poppe, G. T. [In Coop. With 17 Co-Authors]

849 pp., 395 col. pls, hc 4

90.00 €

Philippine Marine Mollusks, Vol. I: Gastropods I [69 families from Nacellidae to Cerithiopsidae]

Poppe, G. T. [In Coop. With 23 Co-Authors]

766 pp., col. ill., 312 col. pls, hc 4

90.00 €

Bivalve Seashells of Tropical West America. Marine Bivalve Mollusks from Baja California to Northern Peru

Coan, E. V. & Valentich-Scott, P.

1258 pp., 326 col. pls, 2 Vols hc 4 in slipcase

150.00 €

Mediterranean Malacology - Atlas of Mediterranean Seashells [with 7.500 col. figs]

Cossignani, T. & Ardovini, R.

540 pp., 7500 col. figs, 4 maps, hc 4

210.00 €

A Guide to Worldwide Cowries. 2nd completely revised and enlarged edition

Lorenz, F. & Hubert, A.

586 pp.,900 figs, 128 (115 col.) pls, hc 4

86.00 €

Encyclopedia of Marine Bivalves, including Scaphopods [5 pls], Polyplacophora [50 pls] and Cephalopods [7pls]

Robin, A.

302 pp., 271 col. pls, hc 4

50.00 €

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